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(I Gotta) Move On

Celestial Blue Music (feat. Fred Guggenberger)

This track is a collaboration between Celestial Blue Music and Fred Guggenberger https://fredguggenberger.bandcamp.com and was released early with lyrics, downloads, behind the scenes and more on Patreon.com/CelestialBlueMusic
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The devil wears lipstick

Fred Guggenberger

This is a really classic blues thing. Getting your heart broken and suffering. I thought about how many people have written songs about it. I decided to step away from just "howling at the moon" and looking for some good in it. In my life, it was the moment, where i found myself on a stage and playing all that old blues-songs i always loved to play but ... this time it was different and i understood, that i now fully understood, what this songs were about. From my own experiences.

Don´t get me wrong: I am not celebrating heartbreaks. But sometimes you find something good in the fact, that he or she was leaving you. Maybe in the moment you find someone better. Or when you realize, that you NOW really got the blues ;-)

Big hugs:
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