Best of both worlds

When I started to work in studios, things were really different. I am a 1980´s kid. So I started to work with tape machines, huge mixing consoles and beautiful E-mu Samplers. Since that days, technology has evolved. We are living in  a digital world now. Which means, we use virtual mixing consoles, virtual instruments, virtual faders … I love the blessings of the new technology. Still my heart beats for the old stuff, workflow and philosophy of sound and how to create exciting music.

My studio is an expression of that philosophy. I use modern equipment in combination with very charming legends from the old days of music production. Digital recording and editing here, E-mu Samplers and tube condenser microphone there. Even my virtual equipment is mostly based on the old days. SSL-Compressor, Neve-Equalizer, Yamaha CS-80 and many wonderful things more. I am addicted to gear, but no matter of that:

Its all about the song!


Recording and Mixing:

Apple iMac 2,7 GHz

Apple Logic Pro X 10,4





Harbeth Acoustic DPM1

Hardware Synthesizers and Samplers:

E-mu Systems Emulator IV

E-mu Systems ESI-4000 Turbo

E-mu Systems ESI 4000

Yamaha DX 7 II FD

Roland Alpha Juno 2

Roland Juno 106

Software Synthesizers and Samplers:

Apple EXS-24

Camel Alchemy

Novation Bass Station

UVI Vintage Vault II (Fairlight, PPG, CS 80, JX-3P, Minimoog, DX1, VFX, D50 and many more).

XLN Audio Addictive Keys

Hammond B3

and many more …

Plug Ins:

Drawmer S73 Compressor

Focusrite RED 2 Equalizer

Focusrite RED 3 Compressor

Waves SSL G-Channel

Waves SSL Stereo Bus Compressor

and more …

Guitars and Amps:

Cost Acoustic Guitars

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

Fender Blues jr. tube amplifier

Line6 POD XT

Other things:

Kawai Piano

Tube Condenser Microphone

Tons of Coffee

Chiwawa Mix ;-)