Fred Guggenberger is an artistic allround genius”

— Michael Kolpe - Wochenblatt


Born in Munich, Fred fell in love with music at the age of 5. It was old Rock´n´Roll recordings from the 1950´s that addicted him to songs, guitar playing and the sound of music. Very soon, he could play any song he heard on a record, just by listening to it. He took 24 piano lessons before he started to study music on his own. 

His main instruments are guitar, piano, and organ. Plus bass and a whole bunch of other instruments. The last time there were 10. It can change quickly when he creates a new album and needs another instrument. In most cases, he learns new instruments in a very short time. Except for wind instruments. The last time, he had a saxophone, it sounded like "Elephant with flatulence." Since then he has not tried it anymore. You can´t have it all, right? 

The best way to describe his musical genre would be "Orchestral MemphisRootsSynthieGrassPopSwing". But that´s not helping you in any way, right? The truth is, that you can´t put him in a box. As he says:

„The first twenty years of my life were an exciting musical journey. I discovered many genres of music and fell in love with it. Those wonderful moments, when you hear Blues or Orchestral Music for the first time in your life. Same with Rock,  Country, Bluegrass, Synthie Pop or Memphis Soul. I heard something and loved it. Then people told me, that it is Surf Rock or Swing. I just couldn´t stay in one genre. The table was too full with delicious meals.“

During twenty years, he wrote and produced songs, that made it to worldwide radio and several chart-rankings.May his music may you happy and be with you in good and bad times, too. 


- 13 Top10 Titles at music sites like Broadjam
- No1 Song „Who killed Alex?“
- 1 Top10 album in the Amazon Blues Charts: „Paradise Regained“
- "Bring me some water" got licensed for the cooking show "Sauced" in Tennessee. 
- Airplay in Germany, US, England, Russia, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Scottland, and Grenada.
- Live shows on three continents. Including the exciting Hall of Fame Lounge and the wonderful Commodores in Nashville, Schlachthof München, and Kobe, Japan. 
- On stage and in the studio with wonderful peers from the USA, South Africa, Jamaica, England and many countries more.

Some nice words from the press: